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Ayushmann Talks about his Upcoming Film ‘Hawaizaada’

Ayushmann Talks about his Upcoming Film ‘Hawaizaada’

Actor Ayushmann Khurana says that he agreed to do ‘Hawaizaada’ because it is a challenging role to play. The film is a biopic on scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade.
For the film the actor learnt Marathi, underwent physical transformation to portray the scientist for the olden days. Shivkar Bapuji Talpade is said to have made the first unmanned plane.
Ayushmann said to reporters, “There are hardly 100 words written about him (Shivkar). He is apparently the first man to have constructed and flown unmanned aircraft in the 19th century.
It was a challenge for me to play such a role which is completely opposite to me. I am playing a Marathi and that also from an era which is so different from now. I think by taking challenges, an actor can grow.”
The trailer of the film is already released and is much appreciated by the audiences and got 10 lakhs views in just four day of its release. The film will hit the screen on January 30.
Ayushmann said, “It’s good that the film is creating buzz much before its promotions. People are liking the novelty of the character and the content. It is overwhelming for me.”
The film is directed by Vibhu Puri and it also features Pallavi Sharda who appeared in ‘Besharam’ and also Mithun Chakraborty.
Ayushmann said, “Mithunda is very young at heart. He is an institution in himself but he is very friendly on the sets. Mithunda and I share all kind of messages. I got to learn from him a lot.”
The actor says that his director did great research on Shivkar though much is not written about him. In his words, “Vibhu met some of the family members of the scientist to know more about him. He also met certain scientists in a research institute in Pune where there is a proof that he actually flew an aircraft in Chowpatty.”
The actor learnt Marathi to fit in the role, “I learnt Marathi for the role. Our writer of the film Saurabh Bhave helped me to learn the language. Apart from him, I also instructed my staff in Mumbai to speak with me in Marathi.”

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