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Avril Lavigne obsessed with cooking

Avril Lavigne obsessed with cooking

New York, Oct 4, Singer Avril Lavigne has revealed that she is so obsessed with cooking that she asked her family to buy some utensils for her as birthday present.

“I’ve always been obsessed with cooking. I can make anything,” people.com quoted Lavigne, who turned 26 on Sep 27, as saying. “I got some spatulas with skulls on them and some fun stuff for my kitchen,” she said of her birthday gifts.

“I swear to god, my family asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a serving bowl and all these things for my kitchen. I asked for a stone plate to put in my oven to cook and crazy stuff like that,” she added.

The “Girlfriend” singer is known to show off her skills at dinner parties, she said, adding that Yorkshire pudding is her “specialty”.

“I make really good bruschetta, too,” Lavigne added.

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