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‘Avatar’ has footage which will never be seen: Cameron

'Avatar' has footage which will never be seen: Cameron

London, Aug 27:Acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron has revealed that there is some footage of his film “Avatar” that will never be seen by the audiences.

The film, which broke box office records when it was released last year – taking $2.7 billion worldwide, is being re-released this week with an added nine minutes of footage.

“There are things you will never see. But there’s a whole lot of stuff that will definitely satisfy the appetite of even the most hard-core fan in a big box-set DVD that we’re actually preparing right now,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted Cameron as saying.

Cameron has also revealed that he is already planning a sequel of the movie that may explore the waters of Pandora, but he may take on another project before filming on Avatar 2.

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