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“Avatar” grosses $2 Bn : Awaits Oscars

“Avatar” grosses $2 Bn : Awaits Oscars

“Avatar” grosses $2 Bn : Awaits Oscars

James Cameron’s 3-D sci-fi extravaganza “Avatar” became the first film to have surpassed the $2 billion mark. The film has grossed $2.039 billion after seven chart-topping weekends of release according to distributor 20th Century Fox.

The film last Monday smashed the $1.843 billion record set in 1998 by the same filmmaker’s “Titanic.”

The News Corp.-owned Fox studio declined to forecast how much the film would collect on the final count, since the expected Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations might spur a new wave of interest in the audience.

It is widely believed that “Avatar” also may win a record number of Oscars in many categories.

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