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Aura Aura: Bellamkonda cheats Ravi Teja

Bellamkonda cheats Ravi Teja

Realty cheating is not new in Hyderabad. But this one really needs attention as film hero Ravi Teja was cheated by producer Bellamkonda Suresh.
There is an increase in number of fraudulent land dealings in the city. Here, Bellamkonda who owned land in Kukatapally measuring 2,000 square yards sold to actor Ravi Teja and the same was registered.

Ravi Teja was shocked to receive notice from Income Tax department. The said property was under income tax attachment as Bellamkonda was in due of tax to the IT department and IT officials attached the land situated in Kukatpally.
Income Tax officials invited both Ravi Teja and Bellamkonda Suresh and explained to them that the transaction is not valid as the property under consideration was attached by the IT department.

Earlier there was a rule to obtain No Objection Certificate from Income Tax department in land dealings. Now the rule is done away hence the buyers will face these type of problems.

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