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Audience will love it because of its Unique Concept

Audience will love it because of its Unique Concept

akshay kumar who is a dog lover and has three dogs at his home enjoyed working with dogs in his film ‘Entertainment‘ and he is confident that the film will find love from the audience because of its unique concept. Its story is about a golden retriever, who inherits all the wealth from his owner while his son, played by Akshay, is left penniless.

Akki says, “The film show’s the relationship between a man and a dog. It is after a long time that this genre has been explored in Hindi cinema. Nobody makes films now with animals because people think it is difficult. It is true that you need lot of patience but it is a lovable genre. Children and youngsters love such films”.
He further added, “We shot the film with 100 dogs. No graphic was used. It was a huge set in Thailand and it was full of dogs with different colour and breed. Every dog had two trainers”.

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