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Ashvin Kumar’s next film on Delhi’s fashion circles

Ashvin Kumar’s next film on Delhi’s fashion circles

Independent filmmaker Ashvin Kumar, whose film Little Terrorist (2005) won an Oscar nomination, is planning to make his next film titled Hype which has the backdrop of Delhi’s fashion circle. His last film The Forest released last week and received rave reviews.

Ashvin says the film is about a small-town girl who comes to Delhi, and the story is about friendship, unrequited love, today’s youth and their aspirations. The film deals with how much pressure is put by society on women and what it is like for a single woman to live in a city like Delhi which is chauvinistic, macho and filled with male-dominated energy. However, the single woman in the film will be shown as a fighter and not as a victim.

The film maker had earlier made films like Inshallah, Kashmir (2012); Inshallah, football (2010); Dazed in Doon (2010); The Forest(2008); and Little Terrorist (2005) which won an Oscar nomination.

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