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Ashmit Patel turns singer, relives his past!

Ashmit Patel turns singer, relives his past!

Actor Ashmit Patel is back from his sabbatical, but this time with a song that reflects the personal problems he has suffered – his efforts to pull his family back together or the MMS scandal with Riya Sen.

Ashmit, has sung the song on his own, teamed up with singer Ishq Bector to compose it. The song will be released on the Internet this week.

“I’ve been through a lot of pain and I was always judged for my silence. They say, if you relive your past, you deal with it. This song and its upcoming video is actually a medium for me to express my true self, be it creatively or emotionally,” said Ashmit who was seen in films like “Murder” and “Toss”.

He says he will be back to work very soon.

“I’m not giving up. In fact, I’m more determined than ever, to be proactive and fight back. The song marks a new beginning for me and god willing, you’ll see a lot more of me soon.”

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