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Arya2 Movie Review

Arya2 Movie Review

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Arya2 Movie Review

Arya2 Movie Review


Much awaited Sukumar’s Arya-2 is finally on roll. In single line Arya-2 is a story of two childhood orphan friends Ajay(Navadeep) and Arya(Allu Arjun) falls in love with same girl Geetha (Kajal), who works along with them in a software company, to which Ajay is owner and Arya is an employee.

Arya2 Movie Review

Arya2 Movie Review

Allu Arjun performance in Arya-2 as Arya is extraordinary again. But one should not compare this with character in the movie Arya. It is a natural phobia to every movie lover to compare this movie to Sukumar’s blockbuster Arya.
Being creative and intelligent, director Sukumar fails to get ‘donuts’  and kudo’s from audience this time. Characterizations in the movie lead characters will be confusing for common audience. There is no strong plot to Heroin’s character. Protoganist behaves sometimes like psycho and sometimes he behaves like, he is sacrifying himself for his friend.

Arya2 Movie Review

Arya2 Movie Review

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is good and songs are picturized superbly and dance by Allu Arjun is excellent. Cinemautography by Raja Sekhar to be mentioned, which gave rich look to the movie and production values of Aditya Movies are high.

Everybody compares Arya-2 with Sukumar’s trendsetter Arya, that is biggest drawback for this movie. They should have given different title to the movie, instead of calling this movie as Arya-2. Even director Sukumar thought of this, but he din’t. On a whole Arya-2 is a movie for multiplex audiences in terms of characterizations and for mass audiences for music scores and extraordinary dance sequences by Allu Arjun.

The Cast and Crew

Actor : Allu Arjun,Navdeep

Actress : Kajal Agarwal,Shraddha Das

CAST : Brahmanandam, Ajay and Mukesh Rushi

Director : Sukumar

Producer : Aditya Babu,VSN Prasad

Genre : Love, Drama

Music By : Devisri Prasad

The Rating

2.5out of 5

Review by Aparichithudu

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