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Arvind Swamy plays villain in Vishal-Trisha film

Arvind Swamy plays villain in Vishal-Trisha film

Industrialist Arvind Swamy, who was made into an actor by Mani Ratnam in the award winning films Roja, Bombay and Dalapathi, is returning back to films. In fact, many fans wondered why Arvind Swamy vanished from films. He acted in about 17 Tamil and Malayalam films.

Arvind Swamy will now be seen as a villain in in the upcoming Vishal-Trisha film directed by Thiru. This is yet to be titled. This film will also have a Telugu version.

Arvind Swamy was recently in the news for his costly divorce settlement. His divorce with his wife of 16 years, Gayatri was decreed by Chennai Family court on the terms that Swamy would pay a one-time payment of Rs 75 lakhs and a monthly maintenance of Rs 1 lakh.

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