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Artist Thaghubotu Ramesh Gets Married to Swathi

Artist Thaghubotu Ramesh Gets Married to Swathi

Popular Telugu comedian Taghubothu Ramesh, famous for playing the character of a drunkard in Telugu movies has got married to Swathi at a grand wedding celebration in Kamareddy , Nizambad today. The bride is from Bhiknoor village in the same district, and is an arranged marriage. Ramesh is due to follow-up the wedding with a grand reception in Hyderabad, and would have many Telugu stars attending the function.

Ramesh had acted first in Jagadam and soon gained popularity as a side character and comedian, and has acted in almost 30+movies. His original name is Ramilla Ramesh and he used to work as a building supervisor for almost a decade before he joined films. The actor emotionally says that his father was addicted to drinking and there used to be a lot of violence in the house daily, making him play a drunkard’s character very easily.

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