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Arthi Agarwal a sumo wrestler?!

Arthi Agarwal a sumo wrestler?!Arthi Agarwal was a hot and sexy actress in Tollywood not very long ago. She acted with some of the top heroes in the industry and has attracted a loyal fan following.

She was at the peak of her career when she spoilt it all by her unprofessional attitude. She began ignoring her career and was all the time involved in some love affair or in some family disputes with her father.

Arthi even attempted to commit suicide on more than one occasion. She suddenly quit films and got married to a NRI groom. She was in the midst of shooting for her film ‘Gorintaku’ starring Dr. Rajashekar in the lead.
The film was held up as she left for the US with hr husband. Arthi is now back in India and she reported for shooting for the film. But many people on the sets could not recognize her. Some even though that the director had summoned a Sumo wrestler for some fight scene for the film.

But on closer examination, they found out that it was in fact Arthi Agarwal. She put on so much weight that she now resembled a sumo wrestler.
The director asked her to cut down weight quickly so that he can resume the shooting. Arthi is now undergoing a crash weight reduction programme.

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