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Arthi Agarwal’s “Neelaveni” launched

Arthi Agarwal’s “Neelaveni” launched

Arthi Agarwal’s “Neelaveni” launched

The film “Neelaveni” being produced by MGR Combines and featuring Arthi Agarwal and Mukul Dev in the lead roles has been launched on June 27 at Ramanaidu Studios. Bharat Parepalli will direct this film.

For the muhurt shot, veteran producer D Rama Naidu sounded the clap-board and D Suresh Babu switched on the camera while Mani Kumar directed the first shot.

The director says that “Neelaveni” is a lady oriented film where a simple village lass attains divine powers because of certain situations.

The cast of the film includes Posani Krishna Murali, Aditya Om, MS Narayana, Ravi Kale, Uttej, Supreet, Siva Parwati, Hema, and others. Dialogues have been written by Kommanapalli and the lyrics by Peddada Murthi.

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