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Arjun Kapoor has 800,000 Followers

Arjun Kapoor has 800,000 Followers

Arjun Kapoor is habitual of keeping his fan aware of the happening in his life through twitter. He is overwhelmed to reach 800,000 followers and he calls them ‘Arjunzaade’s. He posted on Twitter, “And the Arjunzaade’s show their creative side yet again… Big Love to all of u… 800K in no time.”

Arjun is son of producer Boney Kapoor and he is found on twitter very often telling his fans about his life and what he feels. His last film ‘Tevar’ with Sonakshi Sinha unfortunately turned out a debacle.

Arjun was in highlights for some times as he was the part of the controversial live event AIB Roast. The event was criticized by many as its content was vulgar.

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