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Arjun Kapoor as Chef on Farah’s Show

Arjun Kapoor as Chef on Farah’s Show

Arjun Kapoor has just started his career and with his oozes immense talent. He had explored huge energetic talent in his newly acting career but little more interesting apart from acting base, “Did we know that he is a cool chef too”.
Recently in Farah Khan’s new cookery shows “Farah Ki Dawaat”, Arjun have prepared dish “jungli mutton” and displayed his ‘jungli’ culinary skills.

The choreographer-turned- filmmaker took to her Twitter account and posted,
“Never have I eaten so much on an episode!! Thank u @arjunk26 for the “jungli mutton”n for the “jungli behaviour”too!!”

On 04-March-2015 Farah Khan posted one more pics from the set, she and Arjun kapoor along with telly actors with the caption : “N a big thank you to @Roymouni n Aishwariya for adding the extra tadka to #FarahkiDawaat today”
Oh! now we come to know why Arjun had weighty issues earlier.

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