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Aradhya Makes Her Parents Proud

Aradhya Makes Her Parents Proud

Whatever little toddlers do, parents will be delighted. Same is the case with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai who is over the moon with each and every step baby Aradhya is making.

Just over 16 months Aradhya apart from comfortable in saying 1-10 numbers, A-Z alphabets and even dancing to the tunes of her favorite hero Jeetendra, surprises them by saying entire Gayatri Mantra.

Earlier Big B tweeted how Aradhya operated iPad on her own. Hw tweeted “Aaradhya turns on the iPad to her favorite nursery rhythms programme all by herself… picks up remotes wherever she can see one and points it to the TV in a pretense to put it on,”

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