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AP Film Chamber forms Anti-Video Piracy Cell

AP Film Chamber forms Anti-Video Piracy Cell

The Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce has put together an Anti-Video Piracy Cell (AVPC), a first-of-its-kind in the country, to curb internet based film piracy.

The AVPC, manned round-the-clock by techies well-versed in the ways of the web-world, is headed by a former police officer P. Keshava Reddy.

The Cell has recently nabbed a NRI Gankidi Sreedhar Reddy, in Leicester, United Kingdom, for being an illegal online up-loader of copyright content. He was found to have unauthorisedly uploaded a song from Dookudu another from Sega, and hosted the same content on YouTube. The AVPC is initiating criminal proceedings against him.

A. Rajkumar, Chairman of the Governing Council, AVPC, says that Tollywood lost Rs. 338 crore in 2010 through web piracy.

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