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Anushka in Kamal Hassan’s next film

Anushka in Kamal Hassan's next film

Kamal Hassan, whose latest film Manmadha Banam is due for release this week, will write and direct his next film in Tamil. The film will have Telugu and Hindi versions also. Kamal will co-produce this film with a big production house.

Anushka will be the heroine for this film. She is slowly climbing to the top rung of South heroines particularly after her stupendous performance in Arundhathi. Her latest film Nagavalli with Venkatesh is presently running in the theatres. Another film Ragada, with Nagarjuna, is due for release this week.

The role Anushka will play in Kamal’s film is said to be quite a powerful one which will further enhance the reputation of the actress

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