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‘Antim Swash Sundor’ about success vs happiness (Movie Preview)

'Antim Swash Sundor' about success vs happiness (Movie Preview)

Kolkata, Aug 17, A magic pendant turns a small time trader into a rich man, who gets all his wishes fulfilled, but at the same time makes him dishonest. Upcoming Bengali movie “Antim Swash Sundor” (Last Breath Beautiful) delves into the value of spirituality, success and happiness.

The film, set to be released Aug 20, deals with the complex but realistic issues that confront common people everyday. The principal protagonist, Prem Sengupta (Subrata Dutta), grapples with the conflict between his idealism and principles on one hand and the dreams and aspirations of his vivacious wife Vibha – portrayed by National Award winning actress Indrani Halder – on the other.

A magic pendant then comes to his rescue, turning Prem from an honest small time employee of a firm to a powerful dishonest industrialist, whose every wish gets fulfilled but at the cost of his moral values. At the same time, the pendant takes away the happiness of the family man.

The movie has been shot mostly in Kolkata with a few portions filmed in the sea resort of Digha too.

“I am very excited about the movie. It is a bold movie. My character is also bold,” Indrani Halder said while addressing mediapersons here.

As Prem is absorbed in his newly-found world of power and money, his beautiful wife Vibha becomes lonely and gets lost in the glamour of high society. She even engages a young gigolo to satisfy her sexual needs as her husband does not find enough time for her.

“It is a film that entertains. The film is designed to break out of the confines of stereotypical art house or commercial house,” said film director Kris Alin.

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