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Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha Movie Review

Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha Movie Review


Hero Anil is a jolly guy whose mother Rohini is keen to get him married and he decides to push off to Hyderabad to escape from pressure. Accidentally his father (Rao Ramesh) gives him an opportunity to go to Hyderabad. Where he meets Ananya(Eesha), a Painter – Card designer in a store. Soon, their like turns to love but seeing their parent’s everyday problems, they plan to implement a compatibility test. Rest of the story on screens

Plus Point

Esha – Ashwin chemistry,
Cinematography and Direction

Minus Points
Conventional Narration
Drags in the second half


Director true to his nature decided to explore hard truths in love and before, after marriage. First half is through smoothly at slow pace with romantic touch. After the interval bang real story starts with live in tortures for both hero and heroine. Many find it hard to digest second half overloaded with emotions. There are many illogical scenes in the film. Both doing baby sitting to Jhansi’s kid looked unrealistic. However dialogues in the film are quite good. Some of them include “Competition, success, nonsense”, “Kalsi undatam oka kala kalasi bratakadam oka reality”, “romance and life are different” etc.


Kalyani Malik’s music and background score is beautiful. Production values are good. Martand Venkatesh’s editing failed the film. Cinematography of Vinda is good.


Lovers can explore emotional touch in the film.

The Rating
2 out of 5

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