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Anna Hazare Anti-Graft Supporter In Bigg Boss 6?

Anna Hazare Anti-Graft Supporter In Bigg Boss 6?

Salman Khan wanted the edition six of Bigg Boss to have a wider audience base and suggested a common man be part of it.

It now looks that an ardent supporter of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement is likely to be a participant in the common man category here the rest of them are celebrities of different hues.

Kumar Vishwas is a professor from Rajasthan. He was a part of Anna’s recent anti-corruption movement. He was also recently arrested and jailed for participating in the anti-graft agitation.He was interested in joining the show, so he contacted the makers in response to the show’s host Salman Khan inviting common man in the show’s promos.

The final selection of the common man is still pending.

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