Ankit, Pallavi and Friends: Review average film with a hackneyed theme

Ankit, Pallavi and Friends: Review average film with a hackneyed themeThe Cast and Crew

Cast: Nikhil, Megha Burman, Pingpong, Santosh Pawan, Naresh, Seeta and others

Music: Vinu Thomas
Cinematography: Malini Dasari

Editing: Marthand K Venaktesh
Art: Ramana Vanka

Co-Producers: Venkatesh J, Hari Yelleti
Producers: Kishore Ganji and Raghu

Directed by: Hari Yelleti
Release Date: September 5, 2008
CBFC Rating: U

The Film

Ankit Pallavi and Friends is an ideal illustration of an exercise in futility. With a hackneyed storyline, unimaginative screenplay and lackluster performances, the film is an assault on the intelligence of the audience.

The Synopsis

A boy and girl are in love. The boy is a failure because he has not succeeded to relies his dream of becoming Ankit, Pallavi and Friends: Review average film with a hackneyed themea musician.

The girl is employed in a plum job. The boy refuses to take up any other occupation. Then there are a bunch of friends who have their own trials and travails

Ultimately and predictably all conflicts are resolved when the boy and girl Ankit (Nikhil) and Pallavi (Megha Burman) get together and live happily forever.

The Performance

The entire cast gives a lackluster performance. It is such an average fare that if you think you can do much better acting than the cast of this film, you could be very much right.

The Techniques

One look at the film and you will know that the director Hari Yelleti knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about film making. His only success is that he makes a complete mess of the whole film, every aspect of it.

The music has nothing worthy enough to write about. The only saving grace is the cinematography by Malini Dasari. This camerawoman will certainly go places.

The Verdict

This film is such a hideous assault on our senses; please avoid the film at all costs. Advise your friends also.
However, if you have an enemy or a nagging boss, give them a free ticket to Ankit Pallavi and Friends.

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

One Response to “Ankit, Pallavi and Friends: Review average film with a hackneyed theme”

  1. raaghwayndar bathal says:


    I watched the “APF”. Then I read reviews which looked like motivated pr short sighted. So spontaneously I felt the need to write to you all.


    Hari Yelleti has chosen “Innovision cinemas” as title of his firm. Much thought must have gone in choosing the name. Let’s hope to see innovative and visionary movies churn out from this firm. APF is the good beginning.


    Marketing: – I have come know so much about him even before I saw his first film. I should say hats off to his ability in marketing himself. All wannabe directors, congratulations, you one more success story from which you can learn and get inspired.

    Honesty: – It is nice to note Hari Yelleti’s honesty when he remarks “APF didn’t happen just like that. It was after numerous drafts and numerous trials…”

    It’s the real story of toil of successful people, which will make and give courage to new comers to know that the path is difficult but not impossible.

    Rich understanding of life: – APF ends with Hari Yelleti’s voice over “Happiness is a choice…”. ‘Well said’ Hari Yelleti garu. You display rich understanding of life.


    Film Title: The movie is aptly title as each character has important role to play.

    Casting for characters: – Except for ‘Sunil’ mother who actually looks like her grand mother, what should I write: – “Yeh hi hain right choice baby…”

    Characterization: – The youth characters in APF booze and smoke and talk like real life characters. Thank God, I did not felt like being in wonderland and in the midst of all goody, goody people.

    Hari Yelleti has shown his intelligence in design of characters especially to bring in the “believability quotient”. You need not have to look at the characterization of Ankith or Pallavi. Just look at how he develops the character of Naresh’s son. As movie progresses, this particular boy does an act (watch the movie) which a youth in real life, rarely does. But still it doesn’t come out as a fairy tale.

    Love: – Mother Theresa once said “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” After watching APF, one can sure say that “Hari Yelleti and his team might have not done a great, great movie but definitely, he and his team has done it with great love”

    Responsibility: – Hari Yelleti and his team take full responsibility and deliver a message oriented YET FULLY ENTERTAINING movie. The message makes itself clear through the story, through the images. In fact, it makes the Voice over of Hari Yelleti at the end of the movie, a redundant inclusion.

    Screen play: Within 15-20 minutes of the movie, the major characters, their socio- educational-economic-cultural background, the challenge they must overcome are all established beautifully.

    You find no static moments. The story progresses a step forward with every image. The only scene which seemed to slow the pace was the inclusion of the song “Premani…Premani”…the song doesn’t take the story forward. For reasons, please see the movie.

    Movie Length: The story determines the length. But I have seen many movies, which have clichéd, unnecessary scene just acting as padding to meet that 2Hours 30 Minutes length.

    Hari Yelleti seems to excel in this aspect. As mentioned earlier, each image takes the story forward thus ensuring no dull moments.

    Dialogues: –
    The conflict between Ankith and Pallavi, at the interval bang, in the form of dialogue is worth mentioning. One cannot fail to feel that the words are so natural and coming right from the heart of the characters. For me, Sekhar Kammula was one of the best dialogue writers. I can’t help adding Hari Yelleti’s name to the list.

    On a funny note: – Hi guys, lets stop showing Indian’s shunning opportunity to go abroad. Transport and Communications medium has grown so well these days that you will be with your dear ones in a moment. Besides, intangible benefits that country derives from such people when they return after 5 or 10 years, cannot be neglected. And glory that we bring to country when we take our knowledge and culture…Need I have to mention about Vivekananda, BKS Iyengar, Nandan Nilekani…

    What I realized when I walked out of the cinema?
    I realized that I had just watched FIRST MOVIE of a director. So much of perfection in art of film making!!!

    Final Note: – Friends, Hari Yelleti deserves your appointment with “Ankith, Pallavi and Friends”, if not this weekend, do make it by next.

    Happy Watching,