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Anjali Defies Court Again

Anjali Defies Court Again

On watching Anjali and her roles in films, one gets an impression that she is really innocent. But her off screen activities defies logic highlighting her arrogant nature.

When Anjali enacted the kidnap episode sometime back and alleged harassment by her aunt Bharati Devi and actor director Kalanjiyam, they reacted by lodging complaints against her.

While her aunt filed a missing complaint against her, Kalanjiyam filed defamation suit against Anjali in various cases. Manytimes courts asked her to appear in front of them but Anjali chose to defy them.

Madras High Court recently expressed its displeasure over Anjali’s acts and warned her that she will face dire consequences if she don’t appear in front of it before 9th of this month.

Even after this it faced the fury of Saidapet Court when she chose not to appear today’s hearing. Petitioner Kalanjiyam pleaded court to issue arrest warrant against Anjali. The court however gave time till 12th of July failing which it said it will proceed with the same.

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