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Anjali Dates Riding on Others Anxiety!

Anjali Dates Riding on Others Anxiety!

Andhra Beauty Anjali’s episode is throwing out more and more shocking revelations. While She disappeared and appeared and stated in her press statement that she left for Mumbai just to have peace of mind from her troubling relatives, and apologised to all for causing anxiety, many felt this itself showed her immature behavior.

They feel that Anjali should be booked for taking everyone for a ride as she has given anxious moments to her family members, relatives, film makers and police officials who lost their sleep searching for her everywhere.

Where ever she may be whether in Hyderabad in a hotel room or in Mumbai, one wonders as a celebrity does she have such liberty to take people for a ride. One gets the feeling where is that social responsibility which everyone talks. How can Anjali enjoy at the expense of others.

Many even comment and media is running stories that Anjali is dating with a guy who could be either a software engineer, producer or a ex kollywood hero. Some say that entire drama has even the role of family members who used their political influence to get back their property from the relatives.

Whatever it may be it is irresponsible on part of Anjali and those who are siding with her and if law takes its own course, they are culpable under law.

Anjali Spotted at Hyderabad DCP Office Photo Gallery

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