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Anil Kapoor missing from MI 4 promos

Anil Kapoor missing from MI 4 promos

Bollywood was proud when Anil Kapoor was signed to be part of the cast of the film Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise. The news was that Anil is playing one of the villains. The actor was abroad shooting for the film. He was also shooting for a US TV serial.

Recently, the promos of MI 4 were leaked on line and Anil Kapoor was not seen in any frame of the trailer. This has immediately given rise to speculation that Anil Kapoor was a given a petty role, a sort of blink-and-miss, in the film.

But, according to sources, Anil has a good role and the film-makers of MI 4 did not show him in promo because the first trailers will feature only the action stunts of Tom Cruise. Bollywood watchers say that it is important to be in the film and not in a two-minute trailer.

We will have to wait until the release of MI 4 to find out about the role played by Anil Kapoor.

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