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Angry bird Bipasha Basu talks about ethics

Angry bird Bipasha Basu talks about ethics

Please request you all to go and hear the conversation first and then if you still think its me, I openly challenge anyone to prove it is me, tweeted sultry siren Bipasha Basu about her alleged leaked tapes in conversation with Amar Singh.

Bipasha Basu issued a statement:

“I have never had any conversation with Mr. Amar Singh over the phone ever. The voice on the recording is certainly not mine. I dare say that my voice has distinct characteristics and the voice on the tape is completely different. I am appalled at the unjustifiable conclusion the female voice on the tape is mine merely because the person identified herself as “Bipasha Basu”.

More appalling is the fact that The MiD Day (a leading daily) has reportedly published a transcript of the tape in their English daily issue of 12th May 2011 under the heading “Age Matters Between The Legs: Amar Singh to Bips” without making any effort to verify with me whether the voice in question was mine. This is irresponsible, mischievous reporting and is defamatory to say the least.”

She further tweeted, “There is a limit of making up stories at the cost of a celeb! Sensationalizing ridiculous and untrue stories is not ethical at all!”

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