Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

The Film

Andari Bandhuvaya is not just a feel-good film, but it is a feel-sublime cinema. The lyric of the opening song says it all: “Sooryudu andari vaadaya, Chandrudu anbdari vaadaya, Ningi, Neeru, Gaali, Bhoomi andari vaya…Vaatiki swaartam unte manam brathakalemaya

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

The theme of the film is the gift of love and the respect for humanity and worship of humanism. Hero’s father’s statement to the heroine: “Nenu poojalu punaskaralu cheyyanamma…pakshiki intha dhanyam, janthuvuki intha graasam, thoti manishiki intha sahayam…idenamma nenu cheesy pooja”;
Completely reflects the theme and characterization of the film.

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

The Synopsis

Nandu (Sharwanand) arrives in Hyderabad and joins a big company. He stays with his friend (Vijay Sai). Nandu has this habit of taking loans and helping the needy. Nandu and Sai shift into a portion, where Paddu (Padmapriya) als stays. In fact, Paddu also works in the same office where Nandu joined.

Nandu along with Paddu and Sai go to his native village to see his father Hanumanthu (Naresh) who has sold away all his lands to construct school, hospital, public toilets, a temple, and other amenities to improve the quality of life. Then comes the stunning interval bang…Nandu’s original father returns.

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

From then the story takes very interesting and unexpected twists to reach a feel-satisfied climax.

The Performances

Sharwanand excels in an author-backed role and essays his role with conviction and credibility. Padmapriya is glamorous and enacts her role very well. Naresh is simply superb. This his best performance to date. Krishna Bhagawan displays good comic timing. MS Narayana has a different kind of a role instead of being just a drunken louse. Vijay Sai has quite a long footage and he does well. All others did well in their well delineated character cameos.

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

The Techniques

Chandra Siddhartha proved that “Aa Naluguru” is not just a spark on the frying pan. Andari Bandhuvaya is written thoughtfully, conceived thoroughly and executed with near perfection. The dialogues are apt and meaningful. Music is pleasing and at some places foot-tapping. Sound design is eloquent. Cinematography is vibrant, breezy and colourful. Choreography has experimented with some new steps, moves and swings. Editing is crisp. The production values are high.

The Verdict

Andari Bandhuvaya is a must-see film for its sheer range of emotional drama and its thriller-like twists and turns. Yes, Andari Bandhuvaya is a feel-sublime cinematic experience.

Andari Bandhuvaya Movie Review

The Cast and Crew

Sharwanand, Padmapriya, Naresh, RK, M S Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Vijay Sai, Pragathi, Jeeva and others

Music: Anup Rubens

Cinematographer: Gummadi Jayakrishna

Producer & Director: Chandra Siddartha

Banner:Utopia Entertainers

The Rating

3.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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