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Andamayina Abaddham movie review

Andamayina Abaddham: movie review

Andamayina Abaddham: movie review

Raja, Kamna Jethmalani, Nagababu, Nizhalgal Ravi, MS, Ali, Naresh, Sudharani, Surekha Vani and others
Music: M M Srilekha

Cinematogrphy: Ram Pinisetty
Director: Raviraja Pinisetty
Producers: P P Reddy, Kesavaraju, J Ramanamurthy
Banner: Mega Hindustan Movies

Andamayina Abaddham: movie review

Andamayina Abaddham: movie review

The Film

It was Longfellow who wrote “ring in the new and ring out the old” Perhaps, the directors of the old school should either learn the latest techniques in film making or sit at home. Kodi Ramakrisna with Ek Police and Raviraja Pinisetty with Andamayina Abaddham have shown that the substance, structure and style of audio-visual narration of the old school do not gel with the new generation of audience.

The Synopsis

Raghuram (Nagababu) is a disciplinarian and has revulsion against love affairs because of a sordid affair in his early part of life. His daughter Vaishnavi (Kamna) falls in love with Pradeep (Raja). As the young lovers go ahead with their romantic interludes, Raghuram comes to know about it through one of his friends.
To come out of the difficult situation, Pradeep manages to mislead Raghuram by sending a photo of his friend Shyam (Ali) purporting to be the lover of Vaishnavi.

Andamayina Abaddham film review

Andamayina Abaddham film review

Later, Pradeep manipulates his father (Nizhalgal Ravi) to meet Raghuram. In the developing relations of both these families the marriage of Pradeep and Vaishnavi is agreed to by their respective parents.
Then it is revealed that Pradeep and not Shyam is the lover of Vaishnavi which upsets Raghuram. The rest of the story deals with what happens next.

The Performance

Raja does not give a confident performance. Kamna has essayed her role with a lot of zeal and zest. Nagababu is pretty convincing as a strict parent. Ali is becoming a bit stale. Nizhalgal Ravi and other actors are quite adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

The story narration suffers from predictability. The screenplay belongs to the old school of film making and so the narration hits too many speed breakers. The dialogues too are routine without any uniqueness. Music has nothing great to write about. Cinematography is good, but editing and autography could have been better.

Andamayina Abaddham film review,

Andamayina Abaddham film review,

The Verdict

One of those routine outputs from the treadmill of Tollywood. Andamayina Abaddham is like the famed Hyderabadi Biryani without any mouth watering flavour or the taste of spice.

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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