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An Australian pig makes its debut in Bollywood

An Australian pig makes its debut in Bollywood

Producer Siddharth Jain of I Rock is making a road movie titled Disco Valley which is being directed by Sajit Warrier.

Rajat Bharmecha, who won critical acclaim for his performance as an abused son in Udaan, is teaming up with Naseeruddin Shah’s younger son Vivaan and their third collaborator is a pig!

The film will have the usual three-buddies-on-road-trip format in Fiji. And the specially trained pig in Disco Valley would not only share screen space with the two young actors, the animal would also be part of all the fun that would unfold on screen.

Producer Siddharth said that they are flying down a specially-trained pig from Australia to join the other two actors in the film in Fiji.

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