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Amitabh and Mohanlal in Malayalam film

Amitabh and Mohanlal in Malayalam film

Director Ravi is making an untitled film in Malayalam where Amitabh Bachchan will share screen space with Mohanlal and Big B is not charging any fee.
Describing Mohanlal as a “great exponent of his art and craft and one of the finest actors of the country,” from Kerala and Malayalam cinema, Big B in his latest blogpost said, the superstar along with director Ravi had come over to finalise dates and schedules for the film, the title of which is yet to be announced.

“They (Mohanlal and Ravi) had come over to officially sign me on and make payments etc.. Ha..!! Payments ? Fees ? Remuneration ? For a guest appearance of three days ? With Mohanlal who has always had my greatest admiration ? No way !! I don’t charge money for such acts,” Bachchan wrote.

Big B said he shall just gloat in the honour that he shall derive by working in a Malayalam film and that too with the “exceptional Mohanlal”!

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