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Ameesha Complains Against Her Uncles

Ameesha Complains Against Her Uncles

Bollywood beauty Amisha Patel filed a case against her uncles Nalin Rajni Patel and Sunil Rajni Patel claiming her rights over a flat at Manali Apartments in Pune civil court. Case is scheduled for hearing on Dec 13th.

The flat belonged to Ameesha’s late grandmother Sushila Patel and the actress claims that she was the benefactor. However Ameesha’s uncles have their own version to narrate.They had earlier accused the actress of sneaking into the flat with duplicate keys whilst they were away in Nashik in 2010. Both Nalin and Sunil claim that their late mother Sushila Patel had executed a bonafide registered gift deed in their name in 2007. They also added that Ameesha had forged their mother’s signatures in her copy of the documents pertaining to the flat.

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