Allu Sirish compares Websites with Al-Qaeda!

Allu Sirish compares Websites with Al-Qaeda!

Allu Sirish, like his father Allu Aravind is a great business tycoon. Sirish played important role in super duper hit of two Geeta Arts movies in recent times. They are Ghajini with Aamir Khan and Magadheera starring Ram Charan Tej. He is running a film magazine South Scope. Recenlty, the magazine tied up with popular web site

Sometimes, the business tycoon shows his arrogance. His latest tweet about websites, which reported Shakti collections are more than Teen Maar’s collections.

“Most websites run from some underground garage like Al-Qaeda. U shud first know who they are to appeal or take action..”

3 Responses to “Allu Sirish compares Websites with Al-Qaeda!”

  1. Mohan Naidu says:

    Badrinath will be utter flop. Once Allu family is thrown into streets, they will understand about garage web sites.

    Arey Allu, even google started in a garage. Stop all rubbish comments

  2. balaji says:

    badrinath will be flop . according to me .

  3. balaji says:

    yes badrinath will be a flop