Allu Arjun’s “Badrinath” launched

Allu Arjun’s “Badrinath” launched

“Badrinath”, the 30th production under Allu Aravind’s banner Geetha Arts, was formally launched today, March 25, at Hyderabad in a temple. PRP president Chiranjeevi sounded the clap board and SS Rajamouli switched on the camera while writer Chinni Krishna directed the muhurt shot.

“Badrinath” is written by Chinni Krishna and directed by VV Vinayak.  Allu Arjun and Tamanna play the lead roles.The music for the film is composed by MM Keeravani and the action sequences will be choreographed by Peter Hynes. The cinematography is by S Ravi Varman.

Badrinath Movie Opening Photo Gallery

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