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Alladista Movie Review

Alladista Movie Review

The Film

Alladista scrupulously follows the beaten track of routine formula film format.

The Synopsis

Surya (Uday Kiran), a forest officer, loves Megha (Meera Jasmine) who wants to become an IPS officer and naturally achieves her goal with the support of Surya. Enters Nagendra ( Richard) an evil personified but in the garb of a good Samaritan. Hr kills his wife Prabhavathi ( Sudarshana Sen) when she comes to know the truth about him. Surya is accused of the murder of Prabha. The rest of the story deals with how Megha, lover of Surya, extricates him from the criminal charges and punishes the guilty.

Alladista Movie Review

The Performances

Uday Kiran, in his second innings, is going down the ladder with every film. Meera and Sudarshana perform well. Richard is effective as the cunning villain. All others are just props.

The Techniques

A weak story and weaker screenplay pulls down the narration values of this film. A crime thriller should have less of romance and should avoid the song and dance sequences that act as speed breakers. Dialogues are contemporary. The narration suffers from the malady of predictability. Mere good technical values do not add luster to the film. Content with substance does the trick of an interesting narration.


The Verdict

Alladista in Telugu means that one makes you suffocating and makes your life as miserable as possible. Director Bali seems to have done the same thing to the audience. Alladista choosi alladipovadam correct kadu.

The Cast and crew

Udaykiran, Meera Jasmine, Richard, Sudarshana Sen, Vivek, Radha Ravi, J K Ritheesh, Ramba, Larencce Raghavendra, Lakshmi Rai and Others

Music: Deva

Cinematography: Vijay Raghav

Producer: SP. Murugesan

Banner: Nandini Arts

Director: Bali Srirangam

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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