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All is not well in Swati Telugu weekly family

Swati Editor Vemuri Balaram

If magazines are religion, Swati is God claims oneliner in Swati Telugu weekly. Its editor Vemuri Balaram is reportedly worth over Rs 2,000 crore.
Swati is one of the widely read magazines in India. Its readership is about 40 lakh. There is trouble in the family of Balaram. Ammaji wife of Balaram and Manichandana daughter of Balaram are directors. Mother and daughter filed a complaint aginst Balaram. As it is not a criminal case, the commissioner of police declined to involve in the matter and assured police protection if required.

On Monday, when Balaram was not in office with the help 20 persons Ammaji and Manichandana entered into office took property records with them. Balaram’s brother Janardhan was stopped by rowdies waiting outside office.

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