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Alias Janaki Movie Review

Alias Janaki Movie Review


Rahul venkat named as Janakiram who is a honest and principle person. Janakiram father (Naga babu) is School principle,Janakiram comes to hyderbad and work in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Cooperation. A local goon Maisa an illegal land grabber plans to possess lal nagar lands but Janakiram opposes the illegal attempt. Things takes a huge swing around Janakiram when his higher official Tanikella Bharini joins Maisa and plans to counter Janakiram to help them possess lal nagar lands. The people around Janaki Ram start to suffer and this struggle creates a rift between Janaki and his girlfriend Chaitra (Anisha Ambrose). Janakiram comes to know about this and decides to teach all of them a lesson. What happened next? Rest of story on screens…

Plus Points
Anisha Ambrose looks glamour
Story line quite good

Minus Points
Venkat Raghul performance
Poor screen play
No logical
Lack of comedy
Romantic scenes not up to mark

Direction is not up to the mark. But should the director be blamed completely if the artistes can’t act. The film has a good plot, but the team botched up the execution. Poor screenplay is one of the biggest issues in the film. Hero Characterization, itself is a big minus as hero was shown as emotionally weak person shedding floods of tears all the time. Slow pace of the film is the major drawback though the duration is just 100 minutes or so. Lack of commercial elements, unconvincing romantic elements, and lack of comedy undid the film. Dialogues are quite good in the film

Production values are ok for a film of this budget. Editing is quite poor .Cinematography is pretty decent for a film of this budget. However some images look quite grainy, especially in low light sequences.Viewers will get confused between flashback episodes and current scenes. Music is a big asset for the film, but re-recording could have been better.

Final Talk
Movie is not reached up to mark of Mega fans and viewers. One time watchable movie.

The Rating
1.75 out of 5

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