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Ali Pens And Croons A Song For ‘Padesave’

Ali Pens And Croons A Song For ‘Padesave’

Senior comedian Ali to don a new avatar as lyric writer for an upcoming film ‘Padesaave’. He penned the song by using his ‘Chaata’ language, to which Ali is a synonym. If anyone uses ‘End Cheta’ then everyone could recollect Ali in the scene, as it has Ali’s signature in it. So, he used the same word in his lyrics and he also crooned the song on his own. It may be recalled here that a senior character actor like Jayaprakash Reddy also lent his voice for a song in ‘Lachimdeviki Kopam Vachindi’ movie, which was released recently. Anup Rubens gave the tunes for Ali’s song in ‘Padesave’ produced by Annapurna Studios and the film is being directed by Chuniya.

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