Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

The Film

Ala Modalaindi is a story of how a heartbroken young man and woman are brought together by the sheer conspiracy of circumstances when the cobwebs of apprehension gives way to romantic bliss.

The Synopsis

Gautam (Nani) is kidnapped by John Abraham (Ashish Vidyarthi) while on his way to Bangalore. At the behest of his arrogant kidnapper, Gautam narrates his story.

Gautam meets a drunk Nitya (Nitya Menon) at a marriage party. Both of them are heartbroken. Simran (Kriti Kharbanda) whom Gautam loved marries Anand and Nitya is unhappy because she wanted to marry Anand.

Gautam and Nitya get closer. He comes to know that Nitya is engaged to Deepak (Chaitanya) chosen by her mother. He drifts away from Nitya and becomes friends with Kavya (Sneha Ullal).

Will Gautam and Nitya ever meet? Why is Gautam kidnapped in the first instance? Who is Kavya? What happens to Ntya’s engagement to Deepak? The answers to these questions lead to a satisfactory and funny climax.

Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

The Performances

Nani performs with great ease and is impressive. Nitya Menon is a revelation. She essays her role with aplomb. Sneha Ullal and Kriti Kharbanda appear sufficently glamorous. Ashish Vidyarthi suits well the role of an arrogant kidnapper. All others fit the bill very well.

The Techniques

The story is compactly written and the screenplay sustains the interest in the narration. The dialogues are apt. With the incidents and episodes peppered with subtle humour, the story telling flows happily. Director Nandini Reddy has presented the film in simple but subtle idioms. The characters are well etched. Music by Kalyani Mallik is good. Arjun Jena’s Cinematography and editing have enhanced the narration values.

Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

The Verdict

Alaa Modalaindi is a thoroughly entertaining film with lots of laughs and no melodrama to crib about. Go and watch it. You will love the on screen chemistry of Nani and Nitya.

The Cast and Crew

Nani, Nitya Menon, Rohini, Ashish Vidyarthi, Pragathi, Chaitanya, Uppalapati Narayana Rao, Sneha Ullal, Kriti Kharbanda, Ramesh and others

Music: Kalyani Mallik

Cinematography: Arjun Jena

Director: Nandini Reddy

Producer: K L Damodar Prasad

Banner: Sri Ranjith Movies

Director: Nandini Reddy

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumars

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