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Akshay Kumar’s look-alike in Patiala House

Akshay Kumar's look-alike in Patiala House

The film Patiala House has an actor who is a stunning look-alike of Akshay Kumarwho plays the lead role. The actor in question is Usman Qureshi, who is just seventeen years old and is from Denmark. He plays the young Akshay in the film and that too as a cricketer.

When Usman Qureshi went to Faridabad along with Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma for promoting the film, he was actually mistaken as the son of Akshay and people started getting his autographs.

Director Nikhil Advani then clarified the position of Akshay vis-a-vis Usman and the promotional clips of the film were shown to convince the crowd that Usman is just a look-aloke of Akshay Kumar

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