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Akshay Kumar Makes Film On Global Warming

Akshay Kumar Makes Film On Global Warming

Akshay kumar has produced a documentary titled White Knight which deals with the effects of global warming and the receding glaciers.

Aarti Srivastava, a social activist involved in the ecological and environmental issues has been doing extensive studies on the global warming and its effect on glacier melt downs.

Akshay asked Aarti to direct a docu-film on the subject and he financed the project. The short film also showcases Chaweng Norphel of Leh, who makes artificial glaciers to conserve water for those living in high-altitude areas. Moreover, Chaweng is the only man in the world to create artificial glaciers. He has to his credit the merit of making 10 glaciers so far.

White Knight has been making the film festival circuit and will shortly sent to South Asian Film Festival in Canada and the Indian Film Festival in Houston.

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