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Akshay Kumar is brand ambassador for Micromax

Akshay Kumar is brand ambassador for Micromax

Bollywood’s action and comedy hero Akshay Kumar has been signed up by telecom major Micromax as its brand ambassador for an astronomical sum. Akshay has endorsed a million products including the likes of Thums Up, Levis, X-Box 360 and so on he will now be seen endorsing wireless solutions provider Micromax.

Akshay has been signed by the said telecom company because of his ‘instant connect’ with the classes and masses alike and according to the actor’s ‘market status’.

Akshay Kumar, born Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, entered Bollywood without any connection with film bigwigs. He stood on is own stead and delivered award winning performances as a villain, hero and as comedy hero.

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