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Akshay’s Children are Away From Limelight

Akshay’s Children are Away From Limelight

Akshay Kumar, currently riding high on the success of “Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty”, is a successful actor and filmmaker and also a protective father.
Akshay is raising two children with wife and actress Twinkle Khanna. To ensure that his children have a normal life, he doesn’t expose them to the media. The actor says, “I think it is better to keep children away from being seen everywhere – in newspapers and all. I want to give them a normal childhood”.
When asked what are the joys of watching your kids growing up, he answered, “It’s absolutely a delight, it’s the biggest joy for any father. I want to hear them calling me daddy, dad, dada. The happiness is something that I can never measure”.

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