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Akki Supports the Singing Talent of Actors

Akki Supports the Singing Talent of Actors

akshay kumar who is busy promoting hisupcoming film ‘It’s Entertainment’has supported the growing trend of actors taking to singing in films. He says that it shows their versatility.
At the promotional event of the film he said to the reporters that, “What is wrong in actors singing a song? In Hollywood people act and sing at the same time… It is a hard thing to do. Earlier only comedians used to do comedy. But today an actor does everything from doing comedy or playing a villain or singing or doing TV”.
The makers of `Entertainment` came up with a unique promotional idea for the film, wherein the `Khiladi` star recorded a song live yesterday.Akki said, “This song is dedicated to the word entertainment. To sing a song in front of the mike is not easy especially when you are going live. I am not a singer but I tried to sing well”.

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