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Akki Don’t Like Zero Size

Akki Don’t Like Zero Size

The duo akshay kumar and Sonakshi Sinha whose pairing has always worked at the box office are optimistic about their third outing, ‘Holiday —A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’. Akshay and Sonakshi also share a good rapport. “Sonakshi is extremely professional. I know many heroines who reach the set at 7am, but do not step out of their vanity vans before 11am. They seem to take the word ‘vanity’ rather seriously. Sonakshi, on the other hand, values the producer’s money”, says Akshay. Sonakshi says “He never misuses his stardom and values other people’s time.” The actress also admires her co-star’s professionalism. Akshay asks, “Have you ever seen me angry?” She adds, “Ah, yes, I have learnt to keep my cool from him.”
“She switches from a frivolous mood on the set to a serious scene in front of the camera with ease. I have to prepare a lot before I get into the character,” explain Akshay. Akshay says Sonakshi is a spontaneous actress. “I am a Hindustani man. I don’t like heroines with a size zero figure. I prefer Sonakshi the way she is,” answered the actor when asked what does he have to say about his heroine’s weight loss? who is always ready with fitness tips.
Sonakshi says, “He wants me to swim but I don’t have the time.” Much to Sonakshi’s amusement Akshay says, “Actually, she is shy, she wants to swim in a three-piece suit.”

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