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Akhil in Titan’s Advertisement

Akhil in Titan’s Advertisement

Akkineni Akhil’s carrer in the initial days will have an influence from his father Nagarjuna. It has been a long time since Nag is looking for a good story for the debut of his son but he hasn’t got one till now. Akhil is the first actor in the Indian film industry to do a commercial even before his first film could get released.
We are talking about the new Titan Time series watch commercial. This ad features Akhil and Kalki Koechin. The gentle looks of Akhil are very impressive but there are also others who didn’t like the commercial much. This ad is based on two people who are married but they never find time for each other. There was no need of Akhil to behave like that at a very young age and that too opposite aunty like Kalki. Is it the brand which urged Akhil to do the ad or what?

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