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Ajay Devgn’s ‘Himmat’ For Three Languages

Ajay Devgn's 'Himmat' For Three Languages

Bollywood action hero Ajay Devgn who tasted success with ‘Son of Sardar’ is getting ready to show his ‘Himmat’ with Himmatwala remake. The film will see Ajay Devgan and Tamanna in lead. It is a remake of 1982 Himmatwala featuring Jitendra and Sridevi in lead which itself was a remake of 1981 Telugu film “Ooriki Monagadu”.

According to latest information Ajay Devgn will be doing his own dubbing in three languages and is now busy practicing dialogue delivery in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali on the sets of Himmatwala at Bandra’s Mehboob Studios. Apparently, the actor will speaking in six languages in one particular comic sequence in the film. For the same, he underwent special training to get the accents right.

A close aide says “Ajay speaks Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi, so he instantly picked up the correct tone for those languages. But since he wasn’t familiar with Tamil, Telugu and Bengali, the filmmakers hired two language trainers (one for Tamil and Telugu and another for Bengali) for him,” .

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