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Ash to learn dance from Shobana?

Ish to learn dance from Shobana

Ash to learn dance from Shobana?

Bollywood actress and former miss world Ishwarya Roy, who is going to act as a female lead in Director Maniratnam’s film, ‘Rawan’ was said to be advised to update her dancing skills before the shooting begins.

Although she is doing well with routine dances, the perfectionist Director Maniratnam saw many flaws in her dance and suggested her to learn classical dance.

He suggested taking guidance of famous classical dancer and veteran film actress of south Shobana, for which Ish shown no hesitation. Once she achieves perfection in classical dances, she would be a polished gem of the industry, opines Maniratnam.

Maniratnam planning to start his dream project film ‘Rawan’ very soon. He gave her less than 15 days time to improve her dancing skills. Hope Ish will be ready by the time.

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