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After Shakespeare’s Triology Vishal to Adapt Comedies

After Shakespeare’s Triology Vishal to adapt comedies

Director Vishal Bhardwaj who completes the trilogy of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, is keen to give a big screen spin to Bard’s comedies.
The director first adapted ‘Maqbool’ in 2003 from Macbeth, then ‘Omkara’ based on Othello and recently ‘Haider‘ based on Hamlet.
The ace director said that, “I can live my whole life working on Shakespeare’s plays. I was very tempted to make King Lear (a tragedy) but I chose to make Hamlet over it. I have a plot of King Lear with me but if I go back to Shakespeare, I would like to do three comedies now”.
Vishal said his light-hearted films will be different.
He said, “I will be doing serious comedies. I will do it seriously. I won’t be joking around. I will do it very passionately.”
Vishal also said that Shakespeare played a very important role in his life because he read the playwright late in his life.

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