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After Hate Story, it is Love Games for Paoli Dam

After Hate Story, it is Love Games for Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam, who made such a bold debut in Bollywood with Hate Story, will star in her second Hindi film titled Love Games which will be directed by Vikram Bhatt again.

The filmmaker will explore a taboo theme wife-swapping in Love Games. Earlier films on this subject included Abbas-Mastan’s Ajnabee and Rajat Kapoor’s Mixed Doubles.

Vikram Bhatt says, “Why do you say wife-swapping is taboo? You’d be surprised to know how many urban couples indulge in it. It’s prevalent, almost rampant in the big cities. Go on the internet. There are websites devoted to wife-swapping. That’s what we’ve come to. I want to explore the psychology of wife-swapping. How does a man tell his wife to go and sleep with his friend and how does the wife give consent to her husband’s sexual tryst with another woman? More importantly, how do the husband and wife look at each other in the eye the morning after? These are questions that haunt me.”

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