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After all, Tollywood is a family affair!

After all, Tollywood is a family affair!

A little bird in Tollywood nest squeaks that popular producer MS Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin will make his debut sometime in this year.

The proposed film starring the producer’s son will be launched on the 10th of May. In fact, MS wanted to promote his son as hero through a film titled “Vaana”. And the project hit a speed breaker. Now, Ms son will be launched in a film which will be directed by a top helmer of South.

To be something and to go somewhere on screen you have to have a filmy background. In Tollywood, you go no where on flimsy grounds, Filmaticfamilies is the order of the day; irrespective of inherent anomalies.

If Naga Chaitanya and Ram Charan Tej can become heroes, what happened to the definition of Nayaka in Natya Shashtra written by Bharatha, after whom our country is named?

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